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Occupational Diving : 2004 Chairman's Vision "Engaging the long term Occupational Diving goal challenges"

International Diving Academy [Malaysia] Sdn Bhd (IDA) strives to be Malaysia's most respected and successful organization in underwater technologies and occupational diving. IDA is committed to product and service excellence, the professional growth and security of our trainees and employees, healthy competition and partnership within the dive and dive-related industries and to providing training and opportunity for all who seek to enjoy and safely work and protect our planet's oceans, lakes and waterways. Our goals include:

  1. To develop and maintain IDA's leadership position in Malaysia occupational dive industry, as defined by graduation, innovation, product sales, and market equity.

  2. To ensure the long-term viability of the company by continuing to improve its financial position and profitability.

  3. To continue to develop programs, products, services, procedures and policies that are industry-driven and that continue to result in the highest level of customer service in the industry.

  4. To continue to evaluate, benchmark, and improve our company Mission Statement, goals, objectives and purpose on an ongoing basis to ensure that they support and satisfy the needs of our employees, our trainees and our business partners within the region.

  5. To establish standards for the training of trainees in occupational diving and underwater technologies.

  6. To establish and maintain high standards for the training and certification of accredited professional staffs.

  7. To prepare and distribute course curriculum outlines, materials and publications relating to underwater technologies training.

  8. To coordinate with other organizations to establish industry-wide training standards.

  9. To continually improve our effectiveness to provide optimal service.

  10. To accomplish all of the above while upholding and enhancing the principles and philosophies of protecting the environment that we work in.

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Rosni Salim

IDA Executive Director

ITDA Malaysia Coordinator

Message from Executive Director: "It has been a long and exciting journey since I was asked to develop our chairman’s vision to engage the long term international occupational diving programs. To date, my team and I have achieved the ADAS accredited training establishment for ADAS Part 1, 2 & 3 and Supervisor training in IDA, second school in Asia region. "

Mission Statement


Purpose   - IDA exists to develop programs that encourage and fulfill the career pathway in occupational diving in Malaysia.

Vision - IDA intends to be Malaysia leader in the educational development of underwater technologies and occupational diving professionals.

Slogan - Bridging Emerging Technologies®

Mission - To offer the very best underwater technologies and occupational diving career and entrepreneurship opportunity

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